Foods that is essential to be taken during first trimester

Many women during the first trimester suffer from vomiting, nausea and loss of appetite, it is essential to eat good food and it is must to follow their diet. Proper intake nutrition ensures or improves the chances of a healthy baby. During your first visit, remember to ask doctor before you make any changes in your diet routine. Put a diet chart to be followed. Eating folic acid foods item is necessary for your child’s health development and these acid helps to avoid neural tube defects (spina bifida). You should take spinach, which is highly rich in folic acids. This allows to properly fusing the baby’s neural tube after conception in the early pregnancy. Daily intake of folic acid content should be 400 micrograms, take until your doctor prescribe with other vitamin and mineral tablets. Include your morning time breakfast with cereals that are fortified with folic acid.

Eating fresh fruits keeps yourself and baby healthy. Daily have fruit juices in brunch times. Avoid adding sugars and other colouring substances. And also avoid canned and packaged drinking of juices, because lot of preservatives is added with unhealthy colouring agents. The calorie levels are high in juice compared to whole fruit and eat lot of fiber fruits dried fruits. In your diet chart include daily one citrus fruits, as they are rich in folic acid prevents birth defects. Citrus fruits are orange, lemon, tangerine, grape fruits etc… you can also have mixed fruit salads which can able to distribute the nutrients equally like having bananas, dried fruits, apples, oranges, water melons, guavas etc serving with equal amounts.

Balance of nutrient intake during pregnancy

Taking nutrient is necessary for both mother and child’s growth & development. Fill your plates with colorful vegetables with dark greens like broccoli, green leaves, beans, kale etc, with orange colours like carrots, pumpkin, and winter squash and with yellow colours like corns and with red colours like tomatoes, cherries. You can serve all in equal amounts. The pregnant women should take adequate amount of calcium; otherwise your body will take the calcium from bones, which will result in osteoporosis. Dairy products are necessary to include daily in your diet chart as calcium is very important for mom and baby’s growth. Drink milk, yogurt and cheese. You can choose low fat dairy products to save calories. If you find difficult to digest lactose, lactose free products and calcium fortified foods.

Proteins are the building blocks present in the cells of human body. Lack of protein affects fetes growth and extra 25 Gms has to be taken daily than normal. Proteins are necessary for muscle growth and immunity power. Eat fish, lean meat, eggs and poultry. Eat fish products which are rich in omega 3 fatty acids and eat whole grains & cereals that include beans, wheat, brown rice, oats, lentils, nuts, seeds and peanuts. Eating fiber products helps to maintain bowel function and reduce constipation. Wheat bread is good for health compared to white bread. Iron helps in the formation of hemoglobin and take iron products daily of about 50% than normal. Dates are rich in iron.