Coinbase is a global brand that millions of people trust

With a presence in more than 40+ countries, Coinbase is the world’s largest bitcoin marketplace. It offers a variety of payment methods that you could use easily, securely and conveniently purchase bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency. If you are a beginner and, particularly, if Coinbase is available in your country, it is the best option to buy, sell or trade crypto-Monnaie.Coinbase is a global brand that millions of people trust and an excellent way to buy crypto with fiat currency.

An overview of Coinbase:


Coinbase was founded in San Francisco, California in 2012 by Brian Armstrong and Fred Ehrsam. In 2013, it had become the world’s largest crypto-monetary exchange and Bitcoin’s highest financed start-up. The characteristic of Coinbase is that it enables users to exchange cryptography based on their market value at a fixed rate, thus greatly accelerating the exchange process. This has helped over 20 million users worldwide trade in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for over $150 billion.

How can I send Coinbase Bitcoin?

It’s easy to send BTC to Coinbase. Click the top tab for Accounts. A tab will pop up with all your private wallets. To receive BTC, you will be issued with a bitcoin address and QR code. Load BTC in this wallet and all you have to do to send Bitcoins is click “Send” on the BTC tab and enter the receiver’s Bitcoin wallet and the number.

If you’re a total beginner, Coinbase is one of the best options for you in the world of cryptocurrency. Coinbase and Coinbase Pro are still some of the most user-friendly Bitcoin on the internet if you are around the block and are up to date with the market. Coinbase Pro adds strong customer support available 24/7 to its heavy trading platform. There is also a detailed’ Help’ section with articles and FAQs to resolve common user questions. Coinbase can be contacted via coinbase help, and within 24-72 hours they will come back to you.