What is the process for start trading through GDAX?

If someone wants to do trading through the GDAX platform he needs to open an account online. Generally, people who have an existing account in the coin base then there is no need to open a new account for them. This is because if somebody has a coin base account then the GDAX account will automatically be generated. The login details of both of the account will be the same just because these two trading platform runs through the same company. If we talk with a security point of view, both the accounts have high-level safety designing. The process of opening the accounts in GDAX is very easy and short. This process takes only a few minutes for completing.

KYC process

During this process, a trader has to move through a KYC process. They will ask you to enter your basic details like your name, full address, about your citizenship along with your phone number. For the confirmation, they will ask you to submit a few papers that prove your identities such as your driving license, passport, and PAN card. One of the achievements of the gdax system among others is that the verification of your documents is done through self-drive instead of checking it manually.

After submitting whole documents you have deposit some amount of real money through debit card, credit card or directly from your bank account. Now you are ready to do the transactions through your account by getting your user-id ad password. You are now allowed for exchanging the variety if digital coins. The trading done through your account is highly safe and confidential. Only you can get the information about your transactions by login to your account. These platform of trading also give their best support for customers so that they can contact by giving them customer service number.